Photo Credit: Ed Robertson

Photo Credit: Ed Robertson

As the school comes to an end, there are so many advertisements about showing gratitude for the teachers around us. I am blessed to be friends with several teachers and they are extremely passionate about their work and the process and progress of their students this year.

As I finished a home yoga practice this morning the instructor in the video asked us to have gratitude for our teachers. In that moment I just laughed. I had spent most of my practice distracted by a cat loudly crying for breakfast or with a kitty-bottom in my face while in downward-facing dog. It is really easy for me to get frustrated by these distractions.

This whole incident has me thinking about all of the other teachers in my life. There are the obvious ones-- the yoga instructor, the mentor, my supervisor, my parents, even my spouse. To go even deeper, I wonder what the less obvious teachers are in my life. They show up through the frustrations, challenging situations, arguments, and especially the times where I am wrong.

Pause today and reflect on who your obvious and less obvious teachers are. What lessons is life trying to teach you? Where do these lessons come from?

Once you begin to acknowledging these teachers, you will be more willing to hear the lessons from those around us.