Get Outta My Way!!!

Have you ever noticed that most mornings you get out of the door no problem but every once in a while you trip over the cat on the way out the door and spill the coffee? And of course you're running late when you get stuck behind someone who has the nerve to drive the speed limit!

A friend of mine once gave me some advice for these three strikes days. She suggested that when the third thing goes wrong that you stop, ground yourself in your feet, and take a big breath in and a long steady exhale. I have found this tip exceedingly helpful.

However, what do you do when you recognize that the thing that is in your way is not a slow-moving vehicle that makes frequent stops, but yourself. Have you ever taken the time to see yourself clearly for the things that you are doing that make your life more complicated?

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions and to the best of your ability do this without judgment or criticism:

  • Where do I find patterns of frustration?

  • What role am I playing within these patterns?

  • What could I do differently?

Once you have some accurate self-awareness of your roll in the challenges in your life then comes easy part: doing something about it!

This is just like any other change or behavior modification. Implement one small thing and get it to stick for at least a week before you add something different. As you add healthier behaviors you tend to release or let go of unhealthy behaviors. Think of it as having your hands full. The more things that you pick up the more things you need to put down.

And watch where you’re going while carrying that precious cup of coffee.