As the dream faded...

What does it mean to have a dream? I don’t mean a “fall asleep and imagine the dashing knight on a white horse” kind of dream. A dream is something that drives us- that is calling our spirit, mind, and soul.

However there are times when our dreams abandon us, we forget them amongst the busyness of life, or they simply no longer serve us. Many times this happens when we are experiencing transition or external change. We change jobs, become parents or caregivers, take on other responsibilities, and do not have the time to foster our dreams.

Too often you allow these moments to define you and your self-worth. Consenting to this thought process leads to a place of feeling lost, hopeless, or even depressed. Rather than wallowing or pushing these experiences down, be inspired to action.

First, send off the old dream with gratitude. Take a moment to identify the learnings that you've experienced because of it. Donate or sell anything left of that dream that may inspire others to pick up along their path.

Secondly, allow yourself an opportunity to grieve. This loss of a dream is no different than any other loss in our life.

Once you have given yourself the opportunity to heal, give yourself permission to dream again. Letting go of old dreams allows us to pick up and make room for new ones. If that new dream is not quickly apparent, be patient with yourself. Open yourself to the opportunity of finding a new dream to match who and where you are at this moment in time.

“I’d rather look forward and dream, than look backward and regret.”
-James Van Praagh