I don't really know how to “do” downtime.

My days off are filled with errands, to-do lists, and tasks around the house. However, this is usually of my own design. Rather than do one small task each night of the week, I crammed my weekends. That results in not enough time for rest, recovery, or leisure activities.

Sometimes I worry that it means that I am afraid to be alone with myself. Could I be afraid of trying something new and failing, or feeling lazy or selfish for taking some time to myself?

Taking time for oneself is neither of those things- it is essential for us to be able to fully engage in life. Taking the time to enjoy the work and fully immerse oneself in one's work allows us an opportunity to step back. One must step back because then it is all work and no play.

When we fully focus on a task at hand and enjoy the work that we have done, we are given an opportunity to also fully enjoy the rest, to enjoy the sweetness of downtime.

Give yourself a break- a breather, a timeout, a meditation, a yoga class. When you return to work after that pause, you will find the space of focus and intention that did not exist before.