Yoga Carefully!

All families have patterns. The little things that you say to each other that have become part of the day-to-day. In my family, we always end our phone calls with my mom telling us to do whatever it is that we're about to do carefully. A normal way to end a call would be something like “drive carefully.” However, in my family, we don’t do anything “normal.” The other day as I was going in to teach a yoga class my mom said “Teach yoga carefully.”

This got me thinking about the idea of what it would mean to do all things carefully. When you drive carefully you sit up a little bit taller, turn down the radio, and put away any distractions. You then slow down and you pay attention more to your surroundings using mirrors and windows more frequently.

How could you parallel this idea of driving carefully with doing anything else carefully? How could we “do life” carefully?

Photo credit: @madridveganservices

Photo credit: @madridveganservices

Slow down to think before you speak.
Be aware of how you are walking through life and showing up for other people.
Pay attention to your surroundings including the emotions, responses, and reactions of others. Tap into your emotional intelligence to experience not only our life but others.

This perspective may influence you to live care- fully.

Alyssa GustwillerComment