Photo Credit @aloragriffiths

Photo Credit @aloragriffiths

Feeling supported is so important for people's overall well-being. It can also be how people are inspired to perform at their best. What support looks and feels like to each person really can be defined differently.

Depending on where I am support may just be a kind word encouragement, or just listening when I want to tell a story share or just need to verbally get it out. Sometimes for me, support really just needs to feel like a well-fitting sports bra.

I have lived and worked in situations and relationships that did not feel supportive. In my journey through life, I feel that understanding how you need to feel supported is just as important as communicating that to those around you. Providing thanks and gratitude for those times when people provide support for you.

A dear friend of mine is living with stage 4 cancer. The beauty of this time in her life is seeing her support others through this process. Her grace brings encouragement to others in such a beautiful way. She seems to get more support out of being there for others.

Identify the ways that you need to be supported and be open to hearing how others need support from you. Give the gift of time and attention to and of yourself. You may never know the impact that you are making on them but you will feel the positive impact that it will have on you.

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