I have this joke with my yoga classes. If I come in to teach in a shirt that has a villain on it- Darth Vader, Maleficent, etc- it means it's going to be a tough class. This week the meaning of that shirt really came to light for me.

What is the point of an antagonist in a story or movie? What happens to the hero or heroine once they face this villain?

It is the basic storyline: hero feels confident- villain creates a humbling experience- Hero(ine) realizes that they have the (insert skill set here) to succeed. The protagonist recognizes that they are much stronger than they ever believed themselves to be.

I have been reminded of this not only about myself, but have also had the opportunity to shine that light for my friends this week. We all have our struggles, our demons, our issues. Everyone experiences these as villains whether they are external or internal.

It's time to rewrite our narrative.

The villain isn't there to make our life harder or to make us struggle. The reality is that the villain is there to teach us and remind us how strong we really are. To look that challenge in the eye, stand with our hands on our hips in a power pose, and come out on the other side stronger and smarter than we ever have been.

So here is to all of us who are struggling: shift your perspective. Whether that villain is a person, an addiction or vice, or a yoga instructor cuing Chair Pose- know that You. Are. Strong.

Alyssa GustwillerComment