Do The Thing

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This is where it all starts.

Every great thing in life had a beginning. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying that this blog is great-- but it could be. I don’t know yet, you don’t know yet, I just started writing and you just started reading.

I kept hearing the same message of the course of a year. That I need to write my stuff down and put it out there for you to read.

It all started with a yoga student-- at the end of one of my Saturday morning classes, she came up to me and said “You need to write down the things that you say at the beginning of class and put a book together. You are always inspiring me and saying things that I really need to hear.” Externally, I was kind and gracious. Internally, I was thinking that she had no idea what she was talking about. I’m not inspiring, I’m not interesting, and I just ramble.

Self Doubt silences me.

Then after completing a race, I was sharing some of my struggles surrounding the race with a very dear friend. She said “You need to write this down and put it out there. It will help you and help other people know that they aren’t alone in feeling that way.” Once again, the little voice in my head spoke up, “Why would you put all of that emotional mess out there? People will know you are weak and vulnerable.”

Fear silences me.

I then met a woman who I became fast friends with. You know her-- she’s the friend who is supposed to clear your browser history, delete your FaceBook and text messages, and empty your bedside table if you die. Not only does she know all your skeletons, but she helped you hide the bodies.

One weekend, we went to get an astrological reading-- which neither of us had ever done before. One of the first things the reader said to me was “You’re a writer, aren’t you? Are you writing a book or a blog?” I denied it repeatedly. When my friend and I left she looked at me and she said “Tiny potato! Do the Thing!”

Procrastination silences me.

I began researching blog names and got creatively stumped. I researched how to actually begin a website and got lost in how much I don’t know about that kind of technology. I let my weakness of letting perfection be the enemy of good take over.

Perfectionism silences me.

Shortly after this, I went to dinner with a female business owner and friend. We started talking about how she might be able to grow her business in a smart way. At one point in the conversation she says “You know, Doing the thing is the thing- isn’t it!?” And the lightbulb just lit up in my mind. I wanted to look up to the sky and just yell “Okay, okay… I get it… Do the Thing.”

Self-doubt, fear, procrastination, and perfectionism are just a few of the things that we let get in our way. They stop us from doing big things: going on an adventure, falling in love, making a change, starting over.

In this journey of life, these hurdles are never going to go away. They will be overwhelming and scary. I’m here to challenge us! Can we embrace these emotions and feelings as part of life? Rather than fighting against the waves, can we begin to surf them? I believe that we can.

I don’t have all the answers but I have one-

Take a deep breath and Do the Thing! Start small: one step, one action, one call.

Let your voice be heard-- Get out into the world and Do the Thing!